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Tips for Baby Milestone

Tips for baby milestones 6-12 months

Congratulations – you have survived being a parent for 6 months!

Breast-feeding setbacks and sleepless nights are probably now behind you. As your baby grows, new and exciting challenges emerge.

Teething begins around six months of age, but can start anywhere from three months to 12 months.

Babies often drool, which creates a rash on their chin and chest. Some are fussier around the time a tooth is coming through, not wanting to eat or drink because of gum pain. Comfort may be sought by chewing on a toy or fingers.

Various teething aids such as rings and gels are available at your local community pharmacy. 
A cold face washer, plastic spoon or chilled teething ring can soothe your baby’s gums (avoid frozen aids – extreme cold can be dangerous).

Solid food is introduced at six months or slightly younger, as an addition to breast milk or formula. If your baby has an increased appetite and is showing an interest in food, it indicates your baby is ready.

You should introduce one food at a time, starting initially with small amounts after feeding your baby breast milk or formula. Allow several days between presenting foods so your baby can properly discover each new taste. It will also be easier to identify whether your baby experiences a food allergy or intolerance.

Good first foods are smooth fruits or vegetables that are cooked and then pureed or mashed. Continue with smooth foods and gradually add other textures and thicknesses as time goes by. Most of all ENJOY!

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