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Planning to start a fmily

Planning to start a family

Deciding to start or extend your family is an exciting, but sometimes confusing time. Your pharmacist is a qualified professional who can provide advice and support from preconception to beyond delivery.

Preconception and pregnancy care

Good nutrition and health are essential for a healthy pregnancy and birth. Your family pharmacist can help you on your path to parenthood by:

• Optimising your general health

• Providing fertility advice

• Recommending the right pregnancy test and support for you

• Reviewing your medications to make sure they don’t harm you or your baby

• Recommending nutritional supplements as part of a balanced diet.

Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing (2012). Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council. Clinical Practice Guidelines: Antenatal care  – module 1 Canberra: Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council.

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