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Men's health

Men’s health matters

Did you know that Australian men can expect to die an average of 6 years younger than Australian women?1 Some of this difference is due to complex factors that are hard to control – but some is due to lifestyle factors you can change.

Here are some tips for men who want to live a healthier lifestyle:

  1. Physical activity not only helps control weight gain, it can also reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Men aged 18 to 64 years should generally aim for 150 minutes of physical activity a week, completed over 5 or more sessions.2 For men 65 or over, aim for 30 minutes activity on most days each week.2 Remember – even walking can help keep you fit!
  2. Watch your waistline not your weight. Latest figures show 7 in 10 Australian men are overweight or obese.2 Your waist circumference, rather than your weight, is often a better indicator of whether you’re packing on too many kilograms. In men, a waist circumference of more than 
94cm places you at increased risk of chronic disease.1
  3. Eat for health and lose weight by cutting back on sugary and salty foods, alcohol, and eat more fruits and vegetables.1
  4. Your GP is your best resource for advice on weight loss, quitting smoking, and for discussing mental health issues. Develop a good relationship with your GP, and get regular check-ups.
  5. Don’t forget your mental health. 
As well as taking care of your body, it’s important to keep your mind healthy. You can do this by staying connected with friends and family, and by staying physically active.3


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