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Being a good sport – How to improve your performance and recovery

Whether it’s you or your loved ones playing sport, it’s time to get serious. Your pharmacy has the answers to help you maximise the benefits of sport and minimise exercise and injury-related recovery time!

Getting prepared for sport: wound and injury care2

The most important step is to be prepared, so you can treat injuries as soon as they occur. Different injuries require different care, and your pharmacist can recommend the best approach for you. However, essential items for wound and injury care include:

•             A variety of dressings for different wounds

•             A variety of adhesive plasters and non-adhesive bandages

•             Ice pack with absorbent towel

•             Elastic medical bandage for compression

•             Pain medication with anti-inflammatory properties

Did you know there are different types of dressings for wounds?

•             Inert (passive) dressings clean and protect wounds such as minor cuts and abrasions, shallow wounds and minor burns

•             Active dressings control the wound healing environment to promote normal healing

•             Anti-infective dressings help control microbial contamination, which can slow the healing process

Visit your local community pharmacy for all things sports performance and injury related.

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